Who's ready to get DUFFED?

Duffman Costume with Duff Beer

Duffman says this costume is sweet.
Ooh Yeaaaah!

Duffman Costume

Barry Duffman here to share the Duff love and help people become Duffman!
Here's the secret to making your own Duffman costume. Ooh Yeaaaah!


"Duffman says a lot of things!
Ooh, yeah!"

Step One: Refer to yourself only in the third person. This makes Duffman feel more important and not responsible for things he says.

Duffman can say things like.

  • "Are you ready for some Duff Love?"
  • "Duffman wholeheartedly supports the designated driver program.
    Now! Who wants to Party!"
  • Duffman's favorite

That's a mug you don't want to chug


"Duffman thrusting in the direction of the problem"

Step Two: Practice your "Ooh Yeahs!" and Pelvic Thrusts
(Do extra thrusts when you hear your song "Oh Yeah" by Yellow)

duffman thrusts


"Are you ready for some Duff love?!?!?"

Step Three: Get the Duff essentials

How to make a Duffman Costume

Things Needed


  1. Duffman Hat:
    Print out the duffman hat logo onto the mailing label.
    Cut out the label and place it on the red hat.

    Duffman Hat
  2. Duff Beers:
    Open the sodas slightly to let out some air pressure but do not fully open the cans.
    Drill a hole with the 3/8 inch drill bit into the bottom of the can.
    Empty out the soda.
    Fill up the bottom of the can with the insulating foam sealant*

    *Duff Warning- The foam expands. ALOT. So make sure not to over fill the can. After shaking the can, I filled up the cans for about 90 seconds.
    After about 45 minutes the cans will harden.

    Spray paint the cans with the metallic silver spray paint.
    Print out the Duff Beer labels onto the mailing label and stick them onto the cans.

    Making Duffbeer Cans
  3. Duffman Beer Belt:
    Adjust the luggage strap*
    *You might need to cut one end and retape it if it's too long.
    Put velcro on the back of the Duff beers.
    Put velcro on the beer belt (about 3 inches apart).

    How to make a Duffbeer Belt
  4. Duffman Shirt
    Print out the duffman logo onto a T-shirt transfer.
    Cut out the T-shirt transfer.
    Iron on the T-shirt transfer onto the sleeveless blue shirt.

    How to make a Duffman Tshirt

    *Duff Warning- Make sure you have some Duff muscles.
    Don't be an embarrassment to Duffman and have arms like hotdogs.
    Do Duff pushups if you need to.

    Duffman Working Out
  5. Duffman Underwear
    You can stuff your shorts. Duffman doesn't.
    It's all Duff down there. Ooh Yeah!

    Duffman Underwear
  6. Duffman Boots
    Duffman Boots
  7. Duffman Pants
    Duffman Pants
  8. Duffman Cape
    Fold the top end of the red cloth to 12 inches and cut the sides off.
    Print out the Duffman logo onto a T-shirt transfer.
    Cut out the T-shirt transfer.
    Iron on the T-shirt transfer onto the red cape.
  9. How to make a Duffman Cape


Time to party. Ooh Yeah!

Duffman Costume

"Duff Beer for me!
Duff Beer for you!
I'll have a Duff,
You have one too!"

Try out the new Duff products.

Duff Products

Duff Reserve Malt Lika - a fashionable and inexpensive way to get wasted and build your street cred. Tastes so gooooood, makes you want to slap your momma. Ooh yeah!

Duff Reserve

Duffman representin' thug life. - Partizzle with Snoopizle and Duffizle - Ooh Yeah!

Duffizle with Snoopizle

Don't forget to pour some out for the hommies. Rest in Peace "Bleeding Gums" Murphy, Frank Grimes and Springfield's favorite trick Maude Flanders.

Simpson characters who died

See you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads....And I'm gonna miss everybody

"Do the Duff" - Ooh yeah!

Duff Bull - one taste of this mind mutilating mayhem will make your head spin and say things like KaBoom and Pow! It's so hardcore it's banned in 15 states. Makes you invisible and have uncontrollable urges to head butt babies and punt kittens.

Duff Bull

For those of you, needing an extra boost.
Try Duff Extreme - Drinking it will give you the feeling of being a gorilla riding a raging bull while dunking a basketball in a lightning storm.

Duff Extreme

Remember to drink duff responsibly and never let friends chug alone.

"Everything going dark, like Duff Stout."

Duffman Passed Out

Don't worry "Duffman can never die, only the actors who play him. Ooh yeah!"